Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2010 at Wishbone (Lakeview)

I heard about the group through a business associate. We had tried several groups in the city and were unimpressed. I went to the event in February which was wonderful and I did get some great business leads. So much so I sponsored the next event, which I do not usually do anymore.

It was such a successful evening and the caliber of entrepreneurs was phenomenal. These events will be on my calendar every month.

— Toni Van Schoyck, Founding Leader, Gigi Hill Bags

Wed, Sept. 16, 2009 at Chief O’Neill’s (Avondale)

The networking event with Chief O’Neill’s  was an opportunity for us to experience the very heart of your wonderful growing group. Your help supports and strengthen our community businesses, groups, citizens and non-profit organizations. Your group offers a wonderful opportunity for introduction, advertisement and success of many business in our district, the center of our community.

Your investment in this group is truly appreciated.  Thank you for including us and your support and friendship. We look forward to your future events at Chief O’Neill’s!!

– Lisa Smith, Special Events, Chief O’Neill’s

Wed, Aug. 19, 2009 at The Village Tap (Roscoe Village)

Neighborhood Networking is great way to explore different areas and meet a new set of professionals. It is a very well run networking event with many great raffle prizes. I highly recommend it.

– Dr. Shane Swaney, Urban Family Chiropractic

Tue, May 12, 2009 at Dee’s Restaurant (Lincoln Park)

I’ve attended several of the Neighborhood Networking events and found them beneficial for networking/cultivating relationships. A few days after I attended the April 2009 event in Northcenter, I received a call from a local law firm that needed portraits taken for their website. I prepared the bid and got the job the following week. The firm had received my name from a colleague I see regularly at the Neighborhood Networking events.

– Paul Berg, Paul Berg Photography

[Neighborhood Networking] was one of the most fun and most productive networking sessions I have attended in a long time. I made at least a dozen contacts, many of which could become tax and accounting clients down the road. I also had the opportunity to talk with a current client, and to meet two or three potential vendors. On top of that was great food and drink, fun prizes, and the opportunity to socialize in a beautiful venue. I am looking forward to your next event!

– Ernest B. Norrman, Jr., CPA

Tue, Mar. 31, 2009 at the TEFL Institute (Northcenter)

On behalf of our business, Eco Painting & Design, I want you to know how much we appreciated being part of such a successful networking event, for many reasons.

The existing American business atmosphere is changing quickly as a portion of the contemporary economic environment shifts from anonymous corporations to identifiable businesses within communities. Entrepreneurs in our culture have flourished in times of change as they adapt and transform to meet present needs. From my viewpoint, Neighborhood Networking is a lively group, responsive to the current requirements of local proprietorship.

So many businesses now operate from a virtual location, online with no “bricks and mortar” locales. The Neighborhood Networking event offered an informal yet energetic forum for people to meet and share ideas and opportunities. In my experience, nothing can replace the power of face-to-face meetings, eye contact and engaging discussion – that’s how business relations are prepared. The virtual world, although efficient, can never provide the human element necessary to convey real emotion and enthusiasm. The “high tech” world is astonishing for technology, but it takes “high touch” to consummate a commercial venture which will ultimately be tested and based on trust.

Therefore, I want to thank the hostesses for their excellent effort in providing a pleasant space, wonderful food from Café 28, and the idea of a forum around which the traditions of confidence, hope and affirmation prevail for a positive business community. We encourage other individuals and businesses to participate in forthcoming ‘editions’ of this unique event.

–Rich Mazzuca Consulting, LLC / Eco Painting & Design
Member: United States Green Building Council


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